caleb ~ 9 months

I had the honor of photographing sweet baby Caleb while he was still in his mommy’s tummy, as a teeny tiny newborn… and most recently as a smiley, happy, sitting-up-on-his-own 9 month old!  This really is one of my very favorite stages of the baby’s first year.  I am always extra excited about my sessions with the 6-9 month olds… and this particular one was no exception!

Caleb lives really close to me and he and his mommy were willing to try out a new session location around our area.  I’m so glad we gave this spot a chance… and especially glad we braved the off and on rain that morning because I love how these images turned out! 

Charity & Caleb, thanks for a wonderful session!  I hope you guys will enjoy some sneak peeks for now!

 sweet, smiley little Caleb showing off that one proud tooth & posing with his sweet mommy… 



caleb enjoying sitting like a big boy in the red wagon – until he spotted the ducks…




caleb has the bluest, blue eyes… makes this photographer VERY happy! :) 



  • tga - Hello Karen!

    Is that baby wearing contacts?!!! lol. those are gorgeous, i thought genetics like that only existed in movies or something.

    i am commenting because i really enjoyed the pic of him with all those bubbles. i believe that was memorable and innovative. i’ve never seen that before, and i browse a lot of blogs.

    thanks for sharing, i hope you enjoyed your vacation.

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