Carter & Evan ~ Atlanta, Georgia Child Photographer

I am blessed to have some pretty awesome siblings… 3 older sisters & 1 younger brother, to be exact.  With the blessing of those 3 older sisters has come the even bigger blessing of some pretty spectacular nieces and nephews.  I have loved watching each one of them grow and become their own little people and now to see how they love on my own 2 boys, their cousins, is something that truly makes my heart happy. 

These two handsome fellas belong to my sister Kimberly, and even though they live miles away, we love that the moment we see them, it’s as if no time has passed, and we pick right back up where we left off.  When these boys enter the room, my Luke is instantly happy and runs to give them some of the biggest hugs I’ve ever seen.  He is genuinely sad when their visits come to an end, but we just look forward to our next times together & many more memories to be made.

Unfortunately for them, their visits also equal a few moments in front of their aunt’s camera.  Being boys, I’m sure this is the last thing they want to do while on their vacation… but they are both sweethearts to humor me and cooperate so well.  I just can’t believe, from one photo session to the next, how quickly they’ve grown & changed… makes me thankful we have these pictures!

Carter & Evan, thank you for being such awesome cousins to my boys… we love you both & are so thankful for and proud of the awesome young men you’re growing into!

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