Today is my birthday.  Today is the official first day of the last year of my 20’s.  Staring down the barrel at the big 3-0.  So, I figured, what better day to announce some big changes for my little business, which has become a pretty big part of my life in recent months. 

When I launched my current website with my current pricing, I was still doing Human Resources as my main job (along with being a mommy, of course)… and photography – while equally adored – was more of a “creative outlet” and most definitely just a “side” job.  However, I’ve seen God do some pretty wonderful things in my life over the past 6 months and this has all turned into so much more.  Karen Baker Photography has turned into so much more… and, in turn, takes up much more of my daily life.  My #1 job remains the one I began almost 20 months ago, when I became a mom… but what a blessing it is to also now do something I love so much for a – dare I say it – profession!  I am thankful for each & every new client and new job I receive.  I thank God for all these new opportunities He has blessed me with… and the opportunity to meet each & every one of the people I work with!

With all of this said, as this venture has grown, I now feel it’s time to make some overall changes in the way I do things.  I’ve done a lot of thinking and even more praying over these changes and hope that they will be well received and at the very least, understood. 

As I am now devoting much more time to all of this, that also means more time away from my family.  All of the late nights and early mornings (as I type this blog post at 2 am) begin to take a toll and while I love every minute of the work I am doing, I now see the need to better prioritize my business structure.  God-willing, I would also like to see my business continue to grow and I would like to be able to invest the time that is needed for all of the many aspects that affect this. 

Going forward, I will no longer be including image discs with the session fee.  With that said, I am lowering this fee and making it a * true* session fee. Your session fee will now cover my time on the day of your session, editing of your final images and an online gallery and slideshow presentation.  Prints, digital images & products will be purchased separately.

  One of the big changes I’ve seen over the past few months is what my clients have been asking for.  Granted, I realize more & more people want to be able to get their images on disc these days.  They are YOUR images… so why shouldn’t you have them?  What will I do with 30-40 images of your family and your children down the road?  Why shouldn’t they be in your hands?  I get this, believe me – I do.  However, I now see some of the downsides to this.  First and foremost, I don’t feel like I am finishing the job.  Sure, I’ve done the session, spent hours going through & editing your final images & then sending you a nicely packaged DVD… but it really shouldn’t stop there.  I want to make sure those images – that I spend so much time on – are printed in the manner they deserve.  I want to know that a truly excellent, professional photo lab is taking care of the printing side of things so that you can be proud of the image you have sitting out in your home, hanging on your wall, or that you’re giving as a gift.   

I wanted to find a happy medium… making sure that you were able to get professional quality prints as well as also having the option to have your images on disc to save for the future.  So I will continue to offer images on disc – and now, also single images available for download through your online gallery (perfect for birth announcements or Christmas cards)… but they will be a separate purchase from your session fee and will be available after a mininum print order.

These changes of course do not apply to clients who have already booked their session under the old pricing plan.  The new pricing plan is effective today – July 1, 2009, for any new sessions going forward that are booked.  If you have any specific questions about the new pricing or any other details, please feel free to email me at

Thanks so much again to all of the wonderful families I’ve had the opportunity to work with this year.  I have had such a blast learning so many new things about the business side of everything and my hopes are that this change will help me to continue to grow as a photographer and a small business owner.  Oh… and because I absolutely must end this with a quick picture, I thought I’d share one of my favorites so far from my first senior rep session.  More from the beautiful Caitlin and our awesome session in the days ahead…  


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