Charlie & Hayden ~ Marietta, Georgia Child & Family Photographer

Whew… what a week!  I’m thankful that after a week of falling behind due to a very special birthday & Thanksgiving holiday festivities, I was able to get somewhat caught up this week.  Still working away at recent sessions & trying my best to get everyone’s images sorted through as soon as possible for Christmas card purposes, etc. (tomorrow is December 1st, people… how on Earth?!?).

Of course despite the craziness of editing, packaging & unfinished Christmas decorating that surrounds me, I couldn’t pass this session by without a very special blog posting.  My only concern is making it through without going into an ugly cry right here at my keyboard…

For anyone who has a friend or friends in their life who you consider more as family than “just friends”, you’ll know what I’m talking about when I describe how special this family is to me… and to my entire family.  They’re no strangers to this blog… big brother Charlie was one of the first children I ever began stalking with my camera photographing and, bless his heart, he may have seen more of the front of my camera than my actual face throughout his six years of life.  I’ve always said that one of the greatest joys of this incredible blessing of a “job” is being able to share it with the ones I love most.  Documenting precious seasons for the most precious people in my life is so important to me… and this family ranks right up at the top when it comes to those I hold near & dear.

Charlie & Hayden’s mom has been my best friend since middle school… we have seen each other through so many highs & lows, some of the best laughs & the ugliest cries… and, to this day, she is one of the very first people I call, text, email, leave annoyingly long voice mail messages with, or just simply run to when anything big or small happens in my day.  Charlie & Hayden’s dad has been my husband’s best friend since his freshman year of college and, in a much less “girly way”, I know Joe feels the same way about him… even if it usually pertains to Georgia football or something sports-related. :)

Two best friends meeting, falling in love with & marrying two other best friends is a rare thing, I know.  It’s something my best friend & I would dream about when we were younger.  We knew the chances were slim-to-none, but it was always a fun thought.  Never in a millon years could I have imagined the blessings that my friendship that began so many years ago would bring me… and the blessings of us marrying best friends… and now watching our children grow up and grow in their friendships.  I could never fully describe how thankful I am to God for placing these treasures in my life.

It had been FAR too long since I had photographed their entire family of four, so they were long overdue for this session.  So many times in the past we’ve just taken a few shots while together hanging out, or we would just do pictures of the kiddos.  This time I forced them to meet me out at one of my favorites spots so we could do it right… and I love what we were able to capture during that time.

Thank you, my friends, for sharing your beautiful family with my camera… and, most importantly, for being such incredible friends and blessings to us for so many years.  We are so thankful to be able to enjoy this life with you and share every new journey along the way…

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