Charlie & Hayden ~ Marietta, Georgia Child Photographer

One of the greatest joys I’ve found in photography is being able to photograph for the people I love most.  Photography, even if just a hobby, requires a huge investment from day one – financially, mentally and physically.  With that said, to be able to use the tools, knowledge (& equipment!) I’ve gained along along the way to capture special moments for the ones I love most, makes every late night of editing, every moment of exhaustion during the busy seasons, and every Saturday morning missed with my family, all worthwhile. 

When it comes to some of the people I love the most and treasure being able to photograph, this family ranks pretty high up in the list.

 My best friend and I were blessed to marry two guys who were also best friends before they met us.  Growing up, we always joked that we’d marry best friends or brothers… and we’d move next door to each other so our kids could grow up together.  We haven’t quite managed the living next door thing yet, but we did manage to marry best friends and now, to see our children play and grow together… it is a blessing I thank God for everyday. 

So, safe to say, these beautiful kiddos are pretty special to me… and it had been WAY too long since I’d been able to photograph them.  At ages (almost!) 4 and 19 months, they did such a great job during their photo session… and even hung in there for 3 outfit changes.  They gave their buddy Luke a REALLY high standard to live up to for his next meeting with Mommy’s camera!

Nate and Jenny, thank you for your friendship and what you mean to our family… and thank you for allowing me to capture these moments for you!

  • Shelby Welch - Karen,
    You are a magician with that camera! I know Charlie and Hayden are beautiful, but you pay such attention to detail and get just the right angles. I’ll find it impossible to choose, but I MUST have some of these pictures. Thank you SO MUCH for using your talent to give such joy in our lives.

    Love to you and your dear family,

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