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I cannot believe my baby boy is turning 2 today.  Where did the time go?  The past 2 years have been the happiest and quickest years of my life it seems.  He is undoubtedly the greatest thing that God has allowed me to be a part of and I thank Him everyday for choosing us to be Luke’s parents.  A child is truly a blessing from God and today I am thankful for all that Luke has brought to our lives. 

This age is so much fun.  He’s talking all the time, repeating most of the words we say (or at least attempting to), loves to dance, loves all things Sesame Street and especially Elmo, loves music, an animal lover from day one with a special place in his heart for his big “brother” Ace (our 5 year old Weim).  He’s a mama’s boy right now, but I see that quickly fading as he turns into a big boy and wants to do everything thing Daddy does.  Some of my very favorite moments are walking into his room in the morning or when he wakes up from his nap & seeing his sweet smile & hearing “Hi, Mama”.  He makes sure we never miss a blessing before a meal and asks several times a day to “Call Da-da” (or Papa or Nana or Grandmommy… all of whom he adores).  He’s all boy and into everything… he keeps me on my toes but I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Happy 2nd birthday to my happy boy… you are a gift from God. 

karen baker photography

karen baker photography

karen baker photography

karen baker photography

karen baker photography

  • Amy - Love the pictures of precious Luke!! I need to see him soon!! He’s growing so fast!

  • Jenny - Karen – He is precious – Love the photos!!!! Happy Birthday Luke!

  • Crystal - Oh Karen, he’s a doll… Reading your post brings tears to my eyes because we are traveling such similar roads with our precious little ones!! Happy Birthday Luke!

  • Tammy - Karen! Luke is the most adorable, handsome little boy I’ve ever seen. I know you are so proud to be his Mama! Cherish this time in your life, because all too soon they grow up and leave home, leaving you…..with wonderful memories! He is just precious!

  • Claire - And I thought my son was the cutest thing ever….Luke looks so grown up! LOVE THAT HAIRCUT!!!! Such a beautiful boy! When can I order prints?????

  • Danielle Shelnut - Karen! Those pictures are just precious! You did an awesome job..of course! Everyone at work just went crazy when they seen them on my screen! :) I hope all is well with you all and I can’t wait to see yall soon!

  • Julie Charles - Brings tears to my eyes just thinking about how fast our kiddos are growing. We are both truely blessed to have such beautiful kiddos. Happy Birthday Luke!

  • Jessi Bailey - Happy Birthday Sweet Luke! What you wrote about him made me tear up! He’s lucky to have you!

  • Heather Pugh - These are amazing! Can’t wait to see that BIG BOY this weekend!

  • Jessica - Karen and Joe- I can’t believe it!! He is so precious!
    Happy Birthday!!

  • Harry - There he sets looking at what is on the other side of the fence. I’m sure he will often do this until he can find what is on the other side. He will be a boy with a million questions and if he can’t get answers he will dance.

  • Miss Carolyn - Karen and Joe,
    What precious and beautiful pictures of little Luke!!!!
    Miss Carolyn

  • UNCLE BUBBA - What a great looking boy ya’ll have!

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