luke ~ 18 months (plus some…)

We returned home from our beach trip earlier today.  The piles of laundry are high, I desperately need some sleep (one does truly need a vacation from their vacation), and I have 2 other client sessions I need to start editing with another one on board tomorrow afternoon… but I couldn’t stand it any longer.  I just had to play with some of these from our trip.  

Lately I’ve been inspired by some of my favorite fellow photographers and the work they’ve done with their own children.  I’ve been determined to make a point of planning out some of the special “milestone” sessions for Luke. I never want to let the fact that I spend so much of my time taking pictures for other families take away from getting equally important shots for my own family. 

I knew our beach trip would fall fairly close to the 18-month mark for Luke, so I decided a while back to hold off and get some special ones of him on the beach.  So, with the help of my incredibly patient husband and father-in-law, we set out early one morning last week to get these… and I am so thankful now to have taken the time to do it. 





These last 2 are from our last night of vacation … after dinner we headed back out onto the beach to spend some final moments by the ocean…


I’m pretty excited about this one.  One of the (very few) downfalls to being the photographer in the family is that you rarely get to be in the pictures yourself.  I actually prefer this most of the time (after spending so much time behind the camera lately, I’m quickly finding myself much more comfortable there than on the other side)… but I am missing out on some special ones with Luke that I’d love to have.  Many many thanks to my wonderful husband for catching this sweet moment…



  • Charity - This picture is priceless…love it!

  • Lana - Well, you might be the only official photographer in the family, but there is definitely some talent around you – the husband took a great picture, and Luke is a great subject! Hope you had a great vacation and lots of fun – let me know if you ever feel like coming to St Simons and taking a few pictures (or a few naps!) We need to get together for fall sometime!

  • karen - @ Lana, hmmm… St. Simons AND naps… you twisted my arm!! :)

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