Luke ~ 2 1/2 ~ Hilton Head, South Carolina

If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you’ve probably read comments here and there about my desire to photograph my own child more.  I take lots of pictures of my family, snapshots at every big event or just here & there when cute things happen… but with as many “milestone sessions” as I do with other children, I was never good about doing them with my own son.  I regret not having done as many during the big stages of his 1st year… those sessions I love so much from newborn to the just walking phase. 

So, last year I promised myself I would make a point to set aside time to do them more often.  I started with 18 month pictures last May, and waited until our annual beach trip to Hilton Head to do the pictures.  I still love those pictures and already can’t believe how much Luke has changed in a year’s time.  I loved that “session” so much that I decided to do more with him this year while we were in Hilton Head in mid-June.  It always tests my patience doing pictures with my own child.  I guess having a mom with a camera in her hand so often makes some children want to do anything BUT cooperate for pictures.  It is so worth it, though, as I would never want to forget these moments in his childhood. 

Many MANY thanks so my sweet husband and father-in-law once again for helping me with this one.  Trying to manage a 2 1/2 year old on my own, with my camera, with sand everywhere… it just wouldn’t work without some assistance!:)

Happy 4th to you & yours!


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