mackenzie ~ 7 weeks old

I had the opportunity to photograph this little one last week, just as she was nearing the 7 week mark.  I know I’ve said this recently, but it really is a lot of fun for me to get to do sessions with the little girls… we don’t see the color pink very often around my house, so I’m all about working with those pink blankets and outfits when I do get the chance! 

Mackenzie was the sweetest little one… and she comes by it naturally… her parents were some of the best I’ve ever had the chance to work with – and I’ve gotten to work with some really amazing families so far.  I enjoyed every minute of our time together… they’re just those type of people that immediately make you feel welcome and are so easy to talk to.  Oh… and of course, they also had the world’s sweetest dog, Baylee.  Once again, I am amazed by these dogs and the shots they’re “allowing” me to take.  I can assure you our beloved canine child would have no part of it!  I love him dearly, but a dog that will easily pose with a newborn he is not!! 

Jon, Kim, Mackenzie & Baylee… it was truly a pleasure to meet and spend time with you guys last week.  I had such a great time photographing for your family and can’t wait to work with you again and watch this beautiful little one grow!   







  • denise karis - wow – the one with the greenery in the background is so pretty – I love the dog with baby too! 😛 thanks for posting!

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