morgan & emma

Although I am beyond excited about this new chapter in my life and having the opportunity to do photography full-time (full-time along with being a mommy, that is!), there will always be things I miss about “my old life”.  One of the main things I’ll miss is working with some really great people… and one of those really great people is my friend & former co-worker, Lisa. 

So of course I was excited when she recently asked me to do a session with her girls… not only did I get to see Lisa again, but I got to work with her sweet daughters, too!  Unfortunately, her oldest was at the beach and had to miss out… but that just means we get to do another one soon with all three sisters and hopefully some great mother-daughter(s) ones, too!

This time, we were mainly trying to get some last minute senior portraits for Morgan, who recently graduated from high school.  Youngest sister, Emma, came along for the ride, so of course we had to get some shots of her, too!  I met the girls in downtown Acworth and proceeded to drag the family all over the place, trying out different spots… some of which I’m sure they were really questioning (you want me to sit where??).  I was excited to find some great new places… there’s nothing more exciting than finding an old abandoned building… with paint peeling off the walls, exposing all different kinds of interesting colors…  

Morgan and Emma, I had a great time working with you both!  Thanks for a great session… I can’t wait to work with all of you again soon! 






  • tga - wow Karen, you’ve been busy! Great! This is quality work, because i love and adore the picture of the senior in the wild grass with those flowers. the lighting in the back ground is amazing, that’s too perfect.

    thanks for sharing.

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