parlee pockets ~ “organization with adorable style”

My friend Julie recently introduced me to these great organizers that her friend Jenn creates.  “Parlee Pockets” are these adorable creations by Jennifer Riese and Samantha Foster… these crafty girls take regular over-the-door shoe organizers and decorate them with different fabrics, ribbons & buttons to coordinate with your baby’s nursery or any room of the house where you’re looking for a little more organization.  I ordered one for Luke’s room to hold shoes and maybe different smaller toys in the future.  I am all about organization – especially organization with some “cuteness” thrown in.  I just don’t have the time or, really, patience or creativity to do something like this… so I’m glad there are people out there who do! 

They sell different sizes of organizers and can custom design them to match your room or nursery.  I think they’re a great “new mommy” gift idea, as well!  You can check out different designs on their website/blog at or email them directly at

Here are some quick shots of my new Parlee Pocket for Luke’s room.  Of course as I’m taking these, he decides he needs to be in the pictures, as well.  Please tell me why that NEVER happens when I’m actually set to do pictures of him?!  Oh well, no mother can turn the camera away from her own child – even if they are wearing their silly monkey pj’s & still have remnants of breakfast on their face…





here I am probably being “scolded” in baby talk for something…


eye contact AND a smile?  this almost NEVER happens anymore…


and, it’s over just as quick as it started… now back to “reading” my book…


  • Jenny - He is just too cute! Jack has those same PJs :) And thanks for this idea! I love it!

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