So Hard to Believe… Atlanta, Georgia Child Photographer

It’s so hard to believe my little boy turns three today.  “What happened to my baby?” I always ask him… and it makes him laugh and remind me “I’m not a baby anymore, I’m a big boy!” But as every year passes I come a little bit closer to more fully understanding my own mother’s disbelief at how quickly my sisters, brother and I grew up. 

Some days I feel like we were just finding out yesterday that we were expecting our first child, or finding out that we’d be welcoming a baby boy into our famly… or meeting him for the very first time.  Three of the fastest – and most wonderful years later – and I have a full of energy, potty-trained, out of the crib, singing, laughing, learning, growing, full-fledged three year old. 

Although this little person has only been with us for three years, as I’m sure all parents feel, it’s as if he was always here… we can’t imagine life without him.  From the moment he wakes up in the morning, until the moment he drifts back off to sleep at night (with the exception of a – very thankful to still have – nap during the day)… this little man does not stop talking, or moving, or asking questions, or playing… and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  He reminds me every single day just how good God is and how blessed I am to be a mother, his mother. 

So to my new three year old, on your special day… I could not be more thankful that God chose me to be your mommy and you to be my son.  You are a beautiful creation…

  • natalie - he’s so handsome, karen!

  • Nicole - Brilliant pictures karen!! Luke is a special little guy, we sure love him! Happy birthday Luke!!!!

  • Melody Kittle - And you thought you only got a few good pictures!!! They are all absolutely wonderful!!!! Love them and love you both!!

  • Carrie Tabb - He is such a doll Karen! You got so many great shots of him! I hope you are doing well during this busy picture taking season!

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