The “First” Post…

So… after months of drooling over other photographers’ custom blogs & seeing how incredible their images looked splashed across the pages, I caved…

I am so excited about this new blog… not even a year ago, I was hesitant to even enter the blogging world for myself or for my little business.  I was still just getting things started last July when I added the blog for Karen Baker Photography… but now here we are, a new year, new and exciting things on the horizon, and a fresh new blog to go along for the ride! 

I couldn’t think of a better session to kick things off with… meet the Ingram family.  Dylan is three and Hannah just turned one and they are, well, incredibly beautiful children who were a complete blast to photograph!  It didn’t hurt that we were blessed with such an incredible location for our session (many MANY thanks to the Wolfe Family and their beautiful 150-acre farm that they so graciously shared with us this past weekend!!)… and such a beautiful Saturday morning.  It also didn’t hurt that Dylan & Hannah’s mommy just happens to be my very first college roommate. 

Elisabeth and I hadn’t seen each other since our last day of classes as we packed up and left room 103 of Dunn Hall.  I left Auburn to find a new home at the University of Georgia, but Elisabeth had already found her home and, as it turns out, the love of her life and future husband and father to her two beautiful blessings! 

I was so excited and honored when Elisabeth contacted me several months ago to book a session… and had such a wonderful time seeing her again and meeting her sweet family this past weekend!   

So, without further ado… enjoy the very first sneak peeks of the “first” post…











  • Natalie Green - Wow… what a beautilful site, Karen. You’ve done such a fabulous job of putting this together. I will look forward to peeking in on your gorgeous sessions as I eagerly await my own session this summer! You are so talented, and I’m glad your business is growing by leaps and bounds!

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