tyler ~ 10 days old

I believe that God places people in our lives for very important reasons… whether it be a lifelong friend, neighbor, brief acquaintance or, for me over the past year, families He gives me the opportunity to photograph.  Each and every session is a learning experience for me in so many different ways… and one of my very favorite aspects of this “job” (if you can call it that ~ I’m pretty sure a job isn’t supposed to be this much fun!) is meeting new people.  I always leave a session on a high… usually talking to God as I drive home, thanking Him for the experience He just blessed me with.  After that it’s almost always a phone call to my mom, during which I excitedly ramble on and on about the experience I have just had and the people I have just met.

Last week I visited the home of Ryan and Tiffini and their beautiful newborn son, Tyler.  Meeting and working with them was most definitely a blessing to me.  Of course it wasn’t until the end of our session that I realized I was working with another artist.  Usually one of the first things I do when I arrive at a client’s home is have them show me around so I can get a feel for what rooms or areas might be best to use during our session.  As Tiffini took me through their home, I noticed beautiful artwork everywhere… and then she opened the door to Tyler’s nursery and I saw the most beautiful mural painted on one of the walls.  It was not until the end of our session, however, that I realized Tiffini painted all of these works of art.  She is incredibly talented (and modest!) and I can’t wait to share her name with others.  I know that God has so much in store for her and I hope that she, too, is able to do what she truly loves and is so passionate about.   

 Ryan and Tiffini, I am thankful that through the gift of my friend Heather’s referral and your friend Julie’s baby shower surprise, we were able to meet last week.    





I noticed this bench while we were taking pictures out on their porch and knew we needed to use it in some shots.  As I’m photographing Tyler on the bench, Tiffini mentions that Ryan’s father proposed to his mother on that very same bench… and here we were years later, photographing their beautiful grandson on it… gave me chills! :)



Tyler sporting his Auburn hat (at Dad’s request) & hanging with his canine brother, Buster…





  • Tiffini - Karen, You put the biggest smile on my face today!!! THANK YOU! You are an AMAZING artist…you have captured Tyler so well, and so beautifully!!! It was a JOY to meet YOU (I’ve told so many people about you already and what a lovely person you are!) Your blog means so much to me! Can’t wait to see more…but I will enjoy drooling over these!! :)

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